About This Project

DDS’ content management capabilities are optimized to accommodate and deliver Snap36 360°/3D imagery to distributor websites. The relatively new (but absolutely impressive) 360-degree/3-Dimensional imagery format shows products in exceptional detail, which helps engineers and maintenance pros find exactly the right product they need more quickly, and it can help increase online conversions by as much as 47%.


Snap36 Partners with DDS

Click here to read the full announcement of Snap36 as a member of the DDS Digital Alliance: “Snap36 Partners with DDS to Provide Leading Image Capture Solutions for B2B E-Commerce.”






Snap36 provides interactive 360°/3D product images for manufacturers and distributors that build trust, consistency and engagement during customers’ online research and buying process. Snap36 uses industry-leading robotic equipment and workflow software to capture product images more efficiently than traditional photography processes.


DDS Digital Alliance, Industry Partner