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We know that manufacturer needs are not one-size-fits-all, so we have developed multiple subscription options for you to access SYNDICATION/io.

All subscriptions to SYNDICATION/io provide you with access to Acadia, our Product Access Cloud, and the ability to upload unlimited SKUs. This includes unlimited images, technical documents, spec sheets, video, or any type of rich media. All members of the DDS network can also view their product portfolio through our Product Viewer, providing you with the ability to see what will be syndicated and make any adjustments to the uploaded data before syndication. Every tier also provides access to over 150+ DDS network Distributors. The full list of distributors by tier can be found here.



Empower Your Digital Channel with Content Automation

We know that as a manufacturer, one of the biggest data challenges you face is keeping all your distribution partners up to date. Companies often end up wasting valuable time and resources on inefficient systems—through multiple partners and processes —for maintaining and transmitting product content, from ERP (master) product data to rich content and digital assets for e-commerce.

Whether your product content team is struggling to keep up with an overwhelming number of data requests, or your distribution partners are displaying incomplete, inconsistent, or outdated product information, these issues can add up to bloated operational costs and lost revenue.

SYNDICATION/io was designed by distribution industry veterans specifically to solve these problems. Our product content syndication solution helps you:

  • Empower your channel with quality product data. Deliver complete, consistent product content to all channel partners, regardless of industry or partner type. We have seen high quality data increase online sales by an average of 17%. Drive more revenue with more and better content.

  • Get to market faster. Deliver content to each partner in their specific web-ready format, in a fraction of the time it would take manually.

  • Stand out from your competition. Maintain consistent branding and messaging across channels through an improved ingestion process that doesn’t limit or otherwise “commoditize” your data. In one example we have found that up to 74% of manufacturer data is missing from top distributor websites when traditional methods were used.

Unleash your content team and expand revenue opportunities. Minimize time spent on manual content management processes and free up your team to focus on other revenue-generating efforts.

How Full-Channel Product Content Syndication Works

  1. We ingest product content from you in a format—specific to your line(s)—to ensure your data is treated uniquely and delivered in full.

  2. We don’t alter the content, but we organize it for your partners’ optimal usability and “prep” it according to e-commerce best practices.

  3. We deliver product content to each of your distribution partners via custom exports designed for their individual e-commerce and other digital applications.

  4. Our delivery processes are automated and scheduled (typically weekly) so that updates to your product content are picked up and added to partner feeds efficiently.

    *some of the key features mentioned are only available to the Pro + Enterprise tiers

It’s really that simple.




Customized, Automated Exports Streamline Panduit’s Product Content Delivery

Customized, Automated Exports Streamline Panduit’s Product Content Delivery

DDS’ SYNDICATION/io service has eliminated the overwhelming ad hoc content requests plaguing Panduit’s internal team by helping them deliver automated, tailored feeds to each of their distribution partners in the format that each requires.

WAGO Improves Access, Time to Market with DDS’ Full-Channel Syndication Solution

WAGO Improves Access, Time to Market with DDS’ Full-Channel Syndication Solution

With DDS’ SYNDICATION/io service, WAGO now delivers customized product content to their diverse distribution network in record time, ensuring all partners have access to complete and accurate content for e-commerce.

Full-Channel Syndication Revitalizes Schneider Electric’s Product Content Delivery

Full-Channel Syndication Revitalizes Schneider Electric’s Product Content Delivery

Read how DDS helped Schneider Electric dramatically increase their speed to market for consistent, quality content on distribution partner websites, while simplifying processes for both internal teams and their channel partners.

Ready for faster, more efficient product content delivery to all channel partners? We can help with that.

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