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Powering Content for Electrical, Plumbing and HVACR. Together.

As leading digital content solution providers serving the wholesale distribution industry, Trimble and DDS have teamed up to facilitate an improved product content experience for manufacturers and distributors in the Construction/MEP space—or Mechanical (HVACR), Electrical, and Plumbing industries.


Built by Wholesalers, for the Wholesale Industry

Our next-gen™ HVACR product data solutions were created by former wholesale distributors looking to improve how manufacturers and distributors exchange product content for e-commerce websites. Ten-plus years later, DDS is a premier HVACR product content provider serving the industry.

With over 560,000 products from industry-leading manufacturers (and more lines and SKUs being added every week), our HVACR product data—and the way we deliver it—is unrivaled in the industry.

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Elevating Product Content for the World’s Top HVACR Manufacturers + Distributors

Our Next-Gen HVACR Product Content, in Action

Improve your digital customer experience and drive sales with the best HVACR product data (and delivery process) available in the industry. Our content and our solutions are next-generation™ because:

We deliver everything manufacturers make available—without limits—including multiple, hi-res images and videos, 360-degree product views, 2D and 3D drawings, and a multitude of product documents (many content providers’ systems are simply not capable of passing some of this media along).

And we deliver all this content to distributors in e-commerce-ready format, already matched to their individual webstore and other business system requirements.

It doesn’t get any better (or easier) than that.

Working Together to Advance the Wholesale HVACR Industry

The DDS Difference - HVACR Product Content


HVACR products with next-gen™ e-commerce content


sourced directly from top manufacturers


multiple, hi-res product images + 360° spins where available


high-quality installation, application + other guides


supporting documents like spec sheets, drawings + more

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