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Meet Our Team

At DDS, our “secret sauce” is a combination of distribution expertise and technological wizardry that allows us to envision and deliver solutions for world-class content and customer experiences.


Dale P. Holt


With more than 40 years of experience running a successful distributorship, Dale’s passion for smart ideas continues to drive him as CEO and “fearless leader” of DDS.

Matt Christensen


As President, Matt handles much of the day-to-day operations at DDS. Always a perfectionist, he strives for excellence whether at work or at play.


Colleen Ehrhardt

Vice President – Global Sales

A veteran of the B2B e-commerce industry, Colleen is a business development machine, not to mention an absolute pleasure to be around.


Joel Manchak

Vice President – Operations

A sports junkie and professional problem-solver, Joel is like the general manager of our (six-time, defending world champion) Dream Team.

Pam Nation

Customer Success Manager

With 15+ years of distribution industry and e-commerce experience, Pam is an ideal facilitator of our customers’ success through implementation and beyond.

Pichai Kaysavang

Customer Success Coordinator

Another Utah native and self-proclaimed foodie, we are thrilled to welcome Pichai to our accomplished Customer Success team.

James Woodburn

Manager of Product Syndication

A passionate sports fan and ever-aspiring data geek, James plays a leading role in getting our manufacturers and distributors ready for prime time with our SYNDICATION/io offering.

Data Team

Mike DeAngelo

Data Engineer

A true gearhead (in every sense of the word), Mike was truly “built for this stuff” and has taken to DDS’ technologies and processes like a fish to water.

Ryan Middleton

Data Engineer

Another new addition to our Data Team, Ryan shows up with mad skills whether he’s tackling DDS data projects or off-the-clock activities ranging from chess to Jiu Jitsu.

Austin Bakker

Data Engineer

Part math whiz, part outdoor adventurer (and full-on foodie), Austin is one of our newer Data Engineers and another rockstar member of Team DDS.

Eirik Scoville

Data Engineer

With his contagious smile and mastery of languages both human and data-oriented, Eirik is another welcome addition to our talented group of data engineers.

Development Team

Tyson Navvab-Safavi

Director of Software Engineering

Tyson may have a boast-worthy resume, but he’s as modest as he is hard-working, and he’s always striving to be the best software engineer (and downright good dude) he can be.

Sean Carrico

Senior Software Engineer

Sean is a self-proclaimed data and information junkie, but we prefer to call him a walking encyclopedia.

Igor Birioukov

Senior Software Engineer

Nuclear physicist-turned-software engineer, Igor delivers mad programming chops, with a side of comic relief, to DDS’ Dev Team.

Craig Merrell

Software Engineer

Craig is a native Utahn, and equal parts burgeoning coder and outdoor adventurer. His passion for problem-solving is second only to his love for the mountains.

Grant Watts

Senior Software Engineer

Grant is one of our newest Dev team members, but he’s no rookie to big data and software engineering—in fact, he’s a high-tech stock market dabbler in his spare time!

Tyler Woodburn

Development Project Manager

Playing major roles on both our Data and Dev teams, Tyler has an insatiable appetite for learning. In homage to his original career plans, he regularly reminds his co-workers that “Geology Rocks!”

Bryce Draper

Software Engineer

Bryce may have solidified his role as DDS’ office jester, but he’s equally valuable as a rockstar software engineer.


Kelsey Laush

Marketing Manager

Hailing from the rainy PNW, Kelsey brings sunshine wherever she goes, from the actual ski slopes, to the “silicon” variety, where her talents are helping DDS grow.

Jenny Christensen

Marketing Communications

Jenny is effectively our in-house creative agency, and never backs down from a creative challenge.


Diane Schmidt

Director of Accounting + HR

Our one-woman accounting and HR pro, Diane handles all the moolah and helps take care of DDS’ most important resources: the human ones.

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