Pichai Kaysavang

Customer Success Coordinator

Pichai Kaysavang joined DDS as a Customer Success Coordinator in May 2021 and is excited to be helping build relationships with DDS’ customers to help them and our company grow. Before joining DDS, he worked in the e-commerce world for seven years, serving in multiple departments ranging from internal systems and legal, to interacting with manufacturer onboarding. Among other skills, these roles taught him to be versatile and attentive, allowing him to not only adapt, but to thrive even through ambiguity, adding to the many reasons he is a great fit for the DDS’ Customer Success team.

In his spare time, Pichai teaches Bboy, or break dancing, in a local studio called Kickin’ It. Born and raised in Utah, he’s a huge foodie—a passion he shares with his wife—and he loves watching anime, playing video games, and of course dancing.