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Refining the Product Content Process

One of the biggest roadblocks for distributors is managing high volumes of product content from numerous manufacturers in disparate formats.

Beyond what they require for their ERP systems, more and more distributors are building e-commerce sites, mobile apps, digital catalogs, and other tools to offer additional value-add services to assist their customers in researching and sourcing products.

Many companies rely on inefficient manual systems for product content management that are unable to keep up with regular product updates from multiple manufacturers, let alone facilitate the transformation of all this “raw” product data into the myriad formats required by each of their platforms or end uses.

From delayed time to market for new product lines and additional SKUs, to missed sales opportunities from incomplete information on e-commerce product pages, these challenges can quickly compound to impact the bottom line.

CONTENT/io is the intelligent solution you need, created by former electrical distributors who experienced these same issues until they figured out a better way. Our product content management service helps you:

  • Empower your customers with quality product content. Complete product information (for unlimited SKUs) from manufacturers makes you the reliable source for your customers’ research and procurement.
  • Speed up time to market. Receive regularly updated product content already formatted to your exact specifications for quick upload to your webstore and other systems.
  • Free up valuable resources. Automated, tailored exports reduce staff time spent on manual product content management so your team can focus on revenue-generating efforts.
  • Increase sales. Offering an exceptional e-commerce experience, powered by improved product content, drives sales both online and through traditional channels.

How CONTENT/io Works

  1. Our custom ingestion process allows us to collect more and better quality product content from manufacturers than other providers can.

  2. We don’t alter manufacturer content—but we organize it for optimal usability and “prep” it according to e-commerce best practices (so you don’t have to).

  3. We deliver product content to you via custom exports designed for your unique e-commerce and business systems.

  4. Both our ingestion and delivery processes are automated and scheduled so that updates to your manufacturers’ product content are automatically picked up and added to your weekly feed.

Yes, it’s that simple.



Product Content Overhaul Enriches Springfield E-Customer Experience

Product Content Overhaul Enriches Springfield E-Customer Experience

After Springfield Electric Supply upgraded to DDS-sourced product content as part of an extensive website refresh, they experienced a 34% uptick in online sales and a 41% increase in existing customer orders—in just four months.

Product Content Upgrade Improves Granite City’s E-Customer Experience

Product Content Upgrade Improves Granite City’s E-Customer Experience

DDS helped Granite City Electric Supply Company streamline their entire e-commerce data process while improving the quality of their product content and adding more products to their site—all of which helped double their online sales in just a few months.

General Distributing Enlists Solution Experts for Groundbreaking E-Commerce Initiative

General Distributing Enlists Solution Experts for Groundbreaking E-Commerce Initiative

A new-age pioneer in the gas + welding industry, General Distributing launched a state-of-the-art website powered by DDS content, featuring exclusive, meticulous product information (including novel imagery) for thousands of cylinder gas variants.

Better Product Content for Better Engagement

Say goodbye to bad product content. Here’s how we help you deliver the complete, consistent, and up-to-date product content your end customers are asking for.


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