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Product Content Solutions for the Industrial Automation Industry

Product content drives sales for the increasingly digitized industrial automation marketplace. Without comprehensive, current, media-rich product content, end customers don’t have the right details to convert. But constantly managing and updating that content is a challenge.


Whether you’re a manufacturer supplying industrial automation products across an entire distribution channel, or a distributor looking to keep your e-commerce presence current for customers, inefficient product content can increase time to market and affect the bottom line.


As former wholesale distributors ourselves, we feel your pain, and we’re here to help. While you power the world—literally—we help power your business by accelerating the transfer of industrial automation product content from manufacturers to distributors.

Built for the Wholesale Distribution Industry

DDS’ next-gen product content solutions were built specifically for the wholesale industry by two distribution veterans seeking an improved process for delivering manufacturer product content for display on distributors’ e-commerce websites. More than ten years later, with these two innovators serving as our CEO and president, DDS is now a leading provider of industrial automation product content to the industry.


With web-ready product content for more than 1.2 million SKUs from dozens of industry-leading industrial automation manufacturers (with more new SKUs and lines being added weekly), we have more and better quality product content than distributors can get from other industry providers or source themselves.


Give us a try and see the DDS difference.

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Elevating Product Content for the World’s Leading Manufacturers + Distributors

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DDS’ Next-Gen Product Content, In Action

Improve your online customer experience and drive sales with the best industrial automation product content available in the marketplace. Our content and our solutions are “next-generation” because:

We deliver everything manufacturers make available—without limits—including multiple, hi-res images and videos, 360-degree product views, 2D and 3D drawings, and a multitude of other product documents—which other product content providers’ systems are simply not capable of passing along.

And, we deliver all this industrial automation product content to distributors in e-commerce-ready format, already matched to their individual webstore and other business system requirements.

It doesn’t get any better (or easier) than that.

Advanced Solutions for Manufacturers + Distributors


Simplify and speed delivery of your complete product content to your entire channel through automated, tailored ingestion and delivery methods.


Improve your customers’ online experience with next-gen product content from all your manufacturers—delivered to you via automated, tailored exports.

DDS’ Next-Gen Industrial Automation Product Content









DDS is proud to be an official Strategic Business Partner of AHTD, the Association for High Technology Distribution.