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A faster, simpler way to deliver product content.

Today’s online customer chooses and interacts with products based on the content and user experience you provide. Whether you’re a manufacturer who produces the content, or a distributor looking to display it on your site, you must deliver on this expectation—or risk losing them to a competitor.

Enter DDS. Our product content solutions make it easy for you to deliver robust, engaging product content, including hi-res images, videos, 360° views, features & specifications, marketing copy, and more.

Experience complete, timely product content delivered on an automated, scheduled basis—and free your team from the tedium of endless manual data management. Our seamless process is efficient and effortless.

Designed by Wholesalers, for the Wholesale Industry

DDS was founded by electrical distribution veterans with the goal of easing and improving the exchange of content between manufacturers and distributors. Our product content solutions streamline the transfer of product content with a win-win approach: we enable manufacturers to syndicate consistent content across their entire channel, while providing distributors with complete, up-to-date product content already formatted for their platforms.

Speed up, simplify, and automate your product content process for a more effective delivery experience.

For Manufacturers

Consistent Customer Experiences Through Syndicated Product Content Solutions

Realize true full-channel product content syndication—to wholesale and retail partners, across any industry—with improved time to market, accuracy, and consistency. Our one-of-a-kind Syndication-as-a-Service for manufacturers allows you to deliver your product content efficiently to your entire distribution network at once.

For Distributors

Improved Product Content and Delivery from All Your Suppliers

Enjoy automated, scheduled exports with ready-to-publish product content from your manufacturers that improves the e-commerce experience while speeding time to market. Our unique and intelligent product Content-as-a-Service for distributors delivers complete product content in the precise format you require.

Top 10 Reasons Distributors Choose DDS

(Spoiler alert: It’s more than our 50-plus years of distribution industry experience.) Explore 10 reasons why more and more distributors partner with us for their next-generation™ product content solutions.


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