Categorize your products in hours not weeks with AI Category Prediction in Acadia AI by DDS

Kelsey Laush

May 14, 2024

Acadia AI – amplifying industry specific intelligence at scale to drive speed through AI.

As with most data initiatives, the quality of your AI generated output is only as good as the input. This is the secret behind the level of quality that we are able to generate using Acadia AI, the quality of our data.

Leveraging the largest product data set in the industry combined with over 10 years of data model training, refinement, research and normalization, DDS is building AI models that can deliver content that will be recognized and appreciated by experts. Our first commercially available model has been helping both manufacturers and distributors categorize their existing portfolio of products as well as major new product introductions.

AI Product Category Prediction

Mapping your suppliers products to your product hierarchy and web site categories can be a time consuming process that ultimately slows down your ability to introduce new products. Leveraging the largest industrial product database in the industry and over 10 years of data normalization, DDS has built an AI driven capability that can take the process of product categorization from weeks to minutes with observed prediction approval rates of 99%!

Reducing the time needed from weeks to hours

A large distributor in the electrical industry provided DDS with over 8,000 skus that needed to be mapped to their product categories. Categorization is extremely important to this distributor as it drives the required attributes, product merchandising, related product algorithms, site search performance and campaign inclusion in marketing to name a few.

The DDS team leveraged our Acadia AI model to predict the category for all 8,000 products. Using our Acadia platform, the distributor’s product team was able to review the predicted category and either approve or reject the recommended category in real time.

Approval Rates of 99%

After reviewing the first 500 recommendations, the team was comfortable auto approving the other 7500 products as the category predicted by our Acadia AI model was approved 99% of the time. They were so pleased with the results, they felt their time was better spent working through the outliers after publishing vs. reviewing each prediction one by one.

Based on their normal product categorization process, this process would have taken the team weeks if not months of preparing for meetings, discussing with the individual stakeholders and after all of the time spent, they realized that they would probably have an approval rate that was lower than the AI enabled process!

If you would like to learn more about Acadia and how DDS can help expedite your new product introduction process using our Acadia AI models, please reach out, we would love to talk to you!

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