NetPlus Alliance Collaborates with DDS to Advance E-Commerce Initiatives

Kelsey Laush


January 10, 2024

The content hub for industrial supplies data was developed in coordination with DDS (Distributor Data Solutions), a provider of product content delivery solutions.

NetPlus Alliance, a buying group serving the industrial supply marketplace, announced the launch of its Digital Content Hub. The new hub will serve as a data repository. That repository will offer access to product content and industrial supplies data from an array of manufacturers.

NetPlus expects the Digital Content Hub to serve as a one-stop database for distributors. In practice, its goal will be to help smaller distributors compete with larger ones. According to the company, the hub will do so by providing access to the latest industrial supply data for millions of products.

What the Digital Content Hub will do

The Digital Content Hub will help distributors to establish and maintain their ecommerce presence. Access will include up-to-date product data on more than 585 industrial supply brands. As a result, NetPlus expects to better inform members, saving them time and resources. The Content Hub’s industrial supplies data will also benefit NetPlus preferred suppliers. This will be done by simplifying content distribution from manufacturers to distributors in a user-friendly manner, the company adds. Data sources for the Content Hub include NetPlus and non-NetPlus suppliers.

The Content Hub was developed in coordination with DDS (Distributor Data Solutions), a provider of product content delivery solutions.

“The Digital Content Hub will help the industry succeed as a whole by lowering the barriers distributors have experienced getting online, staying online, and remaining relevant when competing with larger companies,” Matt Christensen, president at DDS says in a statement.

Access to the industrial supplies data

NetPlus preferred suppliers will have unlimited free access to the Digital Content Hub with no licensing constraints.

“Teaming up with DDS is a game-changer for NetPlus distributor members and preferred suppliers,” NetPlus president Jennifer Murphy says in a statement. “Our top priority is helping our members better serve their customers and now they can access the highest quality data sought by their evolving customer base.”

Member distributors interested in the NetPlus Product Content Hub, Powered by DDS (as well as manufacturers looking to participate), should visit for further info on how to get started.