Zach Christensen

Business Development

DDS welcomed Zach Christensen to its Sales team in 2022. Raised in Costa Rica and Panama, Zach brings a youthful energy and a can-do attitude to his role and has already “hit the ground running” with customers, partners, and coworkers alike.

The year 2022 was an especially eventful one for Zach, and included moving to Utah from Panama, where he had been a VIP Sales Manager for an online gaming and sportsbook company. While he mostly enjoyed “chit-chatting with the regulars,” he also found a good fit in sales, so he was excited to continue pursuing that line of work in the United States, where he has additional family.

In his free time, Zach can be found listening to (and composing) music—heavy on the electric guitar—as well as watching comedies, hanging out with friends, eating incessantly, and working out. He also loves to be outside. Prior to moving “inland,” Zach’s favorite outdoor pastimes included fishing and spending time at the beach. While he’s still getting used to the cold (and snowy!) Utah winters, he is enjoying his new environment and the opportunities it provides to reap the rewards of his hard work, both inside and outside the office.