Mike DeAngelo

Data Engineer

Mike DeAngelo is an unabashed homebody who thrives on solving problems. A self-taught handyman, Mike loves to tinker with dirt bikes, cars, and anything else with an engine (even though he rarely knows what he is really doing with them). He loves the thrill of learning new skills and takes the hands-on approach. He believes that actions speak louder than words and works hard to leave no detail overlooked.

Mike comes to DDS with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brigham Young University – Idaho. While he is still fascinated by the science of the mind, he has since cultivated a love of all things code. His interest in electrical engineering and building simple Arduino projects led him to the field of programming. At his heart Mike is a family man and in his spare time he can be found wrestling, riding bikes, baking, eating, playing basketball, swimming, reading and running, all with his two young sons in tow.