Andy Carlson

Chief Marketing Officer

Andy Carlson joined DDS in 2023 as Chief Marketing Officer, where he is working with the team to tell current and prospective customers about all the ways that DDS helped him save time and money, improve data quality and drive ecommerce and overall sales growth for his prior companies.

Spending the last 15 years leading e-commerce, marketing and digital transformation efforts for both manufacturers and distributors in the broader industrial market, Andy has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the teams that enable commerce for manufacturers through their distributors. Andy started his career in finance, which by the way give his explanations of return on ad spend a bit more credibility, but decided to pivot to marketing and e-commerce full time as he preferred to “play the game” vs. just being the referee.

In his spare time, Andy enjoys traveling with his wife and their daughter, attempting to once again become a golfer vs. someone that just plays golf, and looking for the perfect analogy for any situation.