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A brilliant collab for Safety, JanSan + Industrial Supply data.

You don’t have a content problem.
You have a technology problem.

Until now, managing product content for digital and e-commerce purposes has been a slow and painful process, leaving end customers with insufficient content and a lackluster experience.

DDS is the solution.

Our next-gen solutions streamline, simplify and improve the product content delivery experience for both manufacturers and distributors.

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Speed time to market
  • Improve the customer experience

For Manufacturers

Simplify and speed delivery of your complete product content to your entire channel through automated, tailored ingestion and delivery methods.

  • Flexible Data Onboarding
  • Analytics

For Distributors

Improve your customers’ online experience with next-gen™ product content from all your manufacturers—delivered to you via automated, tailored exports.

  • Product File Matching
  • Unlimited Products
  • Category Management Tool

The Future of Product Content Is Here


A vastly improved content ingestion process for manufacturers—using a custom import for each unique product line—ensures product content is delivered in full, while retaining market-differentiating messaging, across the entire channel.


Enabled by the power of today’s leading-edge technologies—and some exceptional people with very specialized skillsets—we deliver product content via automated options that integrate seamlessly with any e-commerce or business platform.


Enhancing the product content delivery process for distributors—using custom formatting options tailored to their unique systems—helps facilitate an exceptional online experience for end-user customers while reducing resource requirements.

Elevating Product Content for the World’s Top Manufacturers + Distributors

Customer Success Stories

General Distributing Enlists Solution Experts for Groundbreaking E-Commerce Initiative

A new-age pioneer in the gas + welding industry, General Distributing launched a state-of-the-art website powered by DDS content, featuring exclusive, meticulous product information (including novel imagery) for thousands of cylinder gas variants.

Product Content Overhaul Enriches Springfield E-Customer Experience

After Springfield Electric Supply upgraded to DDS-sourced product content as part of an extensive website refresh, they experienced a 34% uptick in online sales and a 41% increase in existing customer orders—in just four months.

Product Content Upgrade Improves Granite City’s E-Customer Experience

DDS helped Granite City Electric Supply Company streamline their entire e-commerce data process while improving the quality of their product content and adding more products to their site—all of which helped double their online sales in just a few months.

Customized, Automated Exports Streamline Panduit’s Product Content Delivery

DDS’ SYNDICATION/io service has eliminated the overwhelming ad hoc content requests plaguing Panduit’s internal team by helping them deliver automated, tailored feeds to each of their distribution partners in the format that each requires.

Full-Channel Syndication Revitalizes Schneider Electric’s Product Content Delivery

Read how DDS helped Schneider Electric dramatically increase their speed to market for consistent, quality content on distribution partner websites, while simplifying processes for both internal teams and their channel partners.

WAGO Improves Access, Time to Market with DDS’ Full-Channel Syndication Solution

With DDS’ SYNDICATION/io service, WAGO now delivers customized product content to their diverse distribution network in record time, ensuring all partners have access to complete and accurate content for e-commerce.

The DDS Difference


unique products with next-gen™ e-commerce content


who we source content from directly


unique product lines offered


serving multiple markets within the wholesale distribution industry


distributors and retailers receiving our next-gen content

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