About This Project

Horizon Solutions is in the process of upgrading to a new e-commerce website. Like many distributors, they receive product content from multiple sources, so they are familiar with having to manage those disparate sources of data—including recognizing where there are gaps—before a usable set of data can be uploaded to their e-commerce system. They utilize a PIM to work with their data for various business needs, including handling much of the data transformation that is required for an optimal online user experience.


With their in-depth knowledge of the data management process, Horizon Solutions sees the value in having comprehensive, e-commerce-ready product content from all their manufacturers, which DDS can provide. As a Rockwell Automation distributor, they especially benefit from DDS’ role as an approved solution and product content provider for Rockwell and its Encompass Partners.


  • Enhanced Product Content
  • Product Maintenance
  • Custom Export
  • E-Commerce Categories
  • Normalized Facets
  • IDW Feed
  • Product File Matching
  • Document + Image Hosting



Horizon Solutions is a wholesale distributor of electrical, industrial, and safety solutions with a footprint that spans across New York and New England, serving industrial, commercial, and institutional customers. Horizon Solutions helps its customers improve their efficiency, productivity, and safety through deep domain expertise in Electrical, Automation, Energy, Industrial, and Safety solutions. By taking the time to learn about their customers’ business, they can recommend the right solutions to help those companies run smoothly, safely, and efficiently.


Insite Commerce

Distributor, Electrical Distributor