About This Project

Just over a year into their e-commerce offering, Edges Electrical Group had learned their customers were demanding better content, and that getting and maintaining that content from hundreds of manufacturers was a consistent and burdensome project. A heavy contractor-oriented distributorship, they were concerned with providing a valuable offering to their customers while also realizing a healthy return on investment for such an undertaking.


Edges enlisted DDS to help with the delivery and management of their e-commerce product content, even having DDS assist with updating their product detail page layout to accommodate the higher volume and quality of data that DDS obtains directly from their top manufacturers like Schneider Electric. DDS was also able to help Edges add thousands more products to their site quickly and easily, increasing their total SKU count by 142% in the very first export (and up to 150% within the first three months!).


Edges Electrical Group now enjoys hearing their contractor customers remark how more and better content is helping them conduct their research and purchase the right products for their jobs. They also appreciate the reduced burden on their staff to oversee this critical part of their online offering, freeing them up to engage with and increase adoption among customers.


  • Enhanced Product Content
  • Product Maintenance
  • E-Commerce Categories
  • Custom Export
  • Normalized Facets
  • IDW Feed
  • Product File Matching
  • Document + Image Hosting



Edges Electrical Group was formed from the joining of two great Northern California companies, Granite Electrical Supply of Sacramento and Electrical Distributors of San Jose, California, in 2015. Now with 12 locations serving the San Francisco Bay area and California’s Central Valley, the company is dedicated to excellence in products, service and people.


Second Phase

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