DDS Named as Inaugural Member of IMELCO Service Provider Program

Jenny Christensen

June 5, 2019

Premier E-Commerce Product Content Provider to Help Global Network of Electrical Distributors

(SALT LAKE CITY and BRUSSELS) – June 5, 2019 – DDS (Distributor Data Solutions),, the leading provider of e-commerce product content to the U.S. electrical distribution industry, was named the founding member of IMELCO’s new Member Service Provider program. IMELCO ( is the largest marketing group of independent electrical wholesalers in the world with 1,130 members in 22 countries.

DDS was introduced to the IMELCO membership as a strategic technology partner and third-party expert to help manage the exchange of critical e-commerce product content between manufacturers and wholesalers while easing and expediting the delivery of that content so those companies can remain focused on their core competencies.

The Member Service Provider (MSP) program was officially launched at IMELCO’s annual meeting in Brussels last month.

As a member-owned group of electrical distributors from across Europe, Australia, Russia and North America, IMELCO is a cooperative consisting of 14 regional organizations (12 marketing groups and two wholesale companies) that collectively have more than 5,500 branch locations conducting $27 billion (USD) in electrical sales. IMELCO’s administrative team, or “HQ,” is tasked with coordinating and facilitating large projects on behalf of its members, from supporting their day-to-day business operations and negotiating group benefits to enhancing supplier relations.

Not only is DDS the first IMELCO MSP, but they were also a catalyst for the MSP program’s inception, says Robert (Bob) Smith, current Chairman of IMELCO. Responding to requests from its members to help address their e-commerce product content needs and enable them to more effectively compete online, IMELCO’s HQ had been researching solutions to support its entire network of groups, wholesalers and suppliers.

According to Managing Director Elena Reignier, IMELCO considered a “global” PIM solution but wrestled with the financial and technical requirements for both HQ and members. “With the added challenge of each IMELCO group, region and especially individual wholesaler—each a private company—varying widely in terms of their e-commerce strategies and needs,” says Reignier, “we realized there is simply no one-size-fits-all solution that is a perfect fit for all our members.”

With its lean organizational structure and commitment to efficient oversight, IMELCO made the decision to look to third-party experts such as DDS for the best solutions to serve its varied member companies.

Smith also serves as the President and CEO of IMARK Group (, one of IMELCO’s largest members with more than 3,300 independent distributors, over 800 being electrical distributors, in the U.S. IMARK has had a successful MSP program for more than 25 years, which inspired Smith to initiate a similar program at the IMELCO network level.

DDS was named an IMARK MSP earlier this year, and in a short time has helped a number of our distributors with best-in-class product content and data management solutions,” says Smith.

“To put it bluntly, this stuff is really complex,” says Matt Christensen, President of DDS. “Manufacturers and distributors are not data experts, nor should they be. We believe that a valuable content provider should fill the role of managing and delivering this content for them. DDS does just that—we’re built for this.”

“DDS is also a partner that can provide solutions at the international level,” adds Smith, “with their ability to translate content to any major language as well as classify the content according to multiple classification systems like ETIM and UNSPSC.”

“We are very proud to be the first IMELCO MSP, and we look forward to helping IMELCO build this program and bring in other providers who can assist members with their individual challenges,” says Christensen.

About DDS

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) is a premier e-commerce product content provider developed by veterans of the electrical distribution industry. DDS delivers complete, accurate and up-to-date product content—sourced direct from manufacturers but with intelligent, programmatic enhancements for optimal usability—to power distributors’ e-commerce websites.


Headquartered in Brussels, IMELCO is a member-owned group of electrical wholesaler organizations across Europe, Australia, Russia and North America. Established more than 25 years ago, IMELCO brings business partners from 22 countries to one table, enabling the exchange of experiences and facilitating a common framework for the success of individual members and the group at large.