Productsup enables global product data syndication for manufacturers and distributors with DDS

Kelsey Laush


September 13, 2023

By partnering with DDS, Productsup empowers manufacturers and distributors to scale perfect product content globally

Productsup, the leading Product-to-Consumer (P2C) software company, today announced a new strategic partnership with DDS (Distributor Data Solutions), the wholesale industry’s leading product content solution provider in North America. By combining both platforms’ advanced content syndication capabilities, industrial manufacturers and distributors gain access to hundreds of new channels, enabling them to reach more buyers with perfect product content and create new revenue streams worldwide.

“Sharing data within the B2B industry is quite complex. Every manufacturer has its own distinct catalogs – each containing thousands of SKUs – that they need to share with distributors, retailers, data pools, and other buying groups – which all have their own unique data formats and requirements,” said Vincent Peters, CEO at Productsup. “Our P2C platform allows manufacturers and distributors to clean and enhance their product data more efficiently. Now with DDS, our customers can be sure their data is standardized and syndicated to an even larger audience, making it easy to scale globally.”

Industrial manufacturers and distributors using the Productsup P2C platform can now automatically syndicate their product content to over 300 North American distributors within the DDS network. At the same time, DDS customers can expand their omnichannel operations by leveraging Productsup’s platform to access and optimize their data for various marketplaces, retailers, and advertising channels worldwide.

“Despite there being thousands of channels available to manufacturers to reach their buyers, most of the industry lags behind in being omnipresent,” said Matt Christensen, President at DDS. “Companies that can make full and up-to-date product information instantly available to customers, regardless of where they are in the world and how their data needs to be formatted, don’t just have a competitive advantage. They have the agility to adapt to any economic situation as supply chains fluctuate.”

Learn more about Productsup’s syndication capabilities for industrial manufacturers through its Distribution PX offering. Download the 2023 Productsup Distribution PX guide for an in-depth look at how manufacturers can perfect their product content journeys.

Find information on the full extent of Productsup’s P2C platform capabilities for manufacturers here.