About This Project

A nearly 100-year-old company, Springfield Electric Supply is an experienced and highly regarded distributor, and a bona fide trend-setter in their industry. They have long been considered a trusted advisor to other distributor peers who look to them to lead the way in terms of technologies and processes to improve various aspects of business.


Springfield had an established e-commerce presence but wanted better product content, as well as help managing and maintaining it. DDS assisted them with their website refresh project, including a redesign of their product detail page layout to better accommodate our next-generation product content. After just a few months employing DDS’ content, their online conversions were up 34% (with conversions among existing customers up 41%).


Springfield Electric was also able to add additional products to their site through DDS, bringing their total e-commerce SKU count to more than 150,000 SKUs with high-quality data.


  • Enhanced Product Content
  • Product Maintenance
  • Custom Export
  • E-Commerce Categories
  • Normalized Facets
  • IDW Feed
  • Product File Matching
  • Document + Image Hosting
  • 360-Degree Product Views



For almost a century, Springfield Electric has focused on providing value to each customer throughout the electrical supply chain. The company has strategically expanded to include distribution centers throughout the Midwest to better serve its customers both locally and internationally. Today, Springfield Electric’s family owners, in partnership with hundreds of ESOP employee owners, strive to continue the legacy of delivering exceptional customer service and value to the markets they serve.



“We hear consistently—not only from customers, but also from our staff—how much higher the quality of DDS-sourced product information is compared to what we had access to before. This content in particular is driving more people to use the site, and it’s facilitating a really convenient experience for them to research and ultimately purchase products. We know that’s what our customers need, and we couldn’t be happier with this solution.”

– Pam Nation, Former E-Business Analyst at Springfield Electric


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