Our Approach


Among our experiences operating a leading independent electrical distributorship, we learned first-hand the challenges and pitfalls of entering the online marketplace and building an e-commerce website. After running into the major challenge of gathering product data from many disparate manufacturers to populate the site while making it useful to our customers, it became painfully apparent that there was a distinct lack of technology in the distribution industry for this purpose. It was this experience in particular that led us to re-think the approach to obtaining and working with product data, and most importantly, how to make it most useful to the end user experience. This approach created DDS.


  • We recognize that the only pure source for information is direct from manufacturers.
  • We employ the most intelligent technologies to gather this data and apply high-technology concepts, borrowed from sciences like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to bring solutions that are unique to the industry.
  • Our combined experience and intimate knowledge of the distribution industry allow us to focus on distribution- and customer-centric solutions.
  • In addition to utilizing best practices and applications as part of our commitment to professional software development, we believe that doing things “the right way” is the only way.


When it comes down to it, your website needs to have ALL the product content your customers depend on to make informed decisions and convenient purchases. This information exists from one source—the manufacturers, who have spent a great deal of time, money and effort in developing their content for end users—and they are responsible for it, just like their products.


DDS recognized how difficult it is for distributors to acquire that content, and display it appropriately and consistently, on their own e-commerce websites. Our product content solutions address this issue head-on, and result in a vastly improved customer experience, as illustrated by the graphic below.

Your customers want:


Complete features and specifications

Multiple, hi-res images

360-degree product images, where available


Supporting documents (spec sheets, brochures, installation manuals, CAD drawings, 2D + 3D drawings, compliance certificates, etc.)

Marketing descriptions

Application and warranty info

+ Much more


Want to see this superior product content in action? Click below for some examples of the robust, complete and accurate information that DDS delivers.


At DDS, we are dedicated to listening to our customers and working with them to create new and useful solutions to solve a variety of needs relevant to e-commerce.


Our solutions are:

  • Designed and built specifically for the wholesale distribution industry
  • Technology-agnostic
  • Superior to anything in the marketplace. We guarantee it.
  • CONTENT/io

    • Content-as-a-Service for Distributors
    • DDS’ Next-gen product content to power e-commerce websites
    • Regular product content updates
    • Improved customer e-commerce experience
    • True competitive advantage


    • Syndication-as-a-Service for Manufacturers
    • Full-channel product content syndication
    • Automated, scheduled product + pricing updates to channel partners
    • Consistent, accurate and up-to-date e-commerce content on partner websites
    • True competitive advantage