Manufacturing Content


Matt Christensen

Vice President

June 22, 2018

Manufacturers, are you receiving more and more requests from your channel partners or distributors for direct product content feeds for their e-commerce and transactional needs? Are they asking for product and pricing files to be delivered to them in a specific format—with specific rules or column headers—unique to just their organization? You have no option but to do it for your largest channel partners, but how many separate requests can you handle each month with your current internal resources? What happens when a greater number of your mid-level and smaller distributors start asking for individual content feeds in their own formats? Can you also service all of these requests with a timely and repeatable process?

These are all questions we at DDS are hearing from manufacturers on a regular basis.

And how about those of you with international distributors? Are you receiving requests for your product content to be delivered in other languages? How about 15 different languages?

These are among the new realities for manufacturers in today’s e-commerce world. (If it’s not already an issue for you, it soon will be.) So how can you prepare for this?

You should ask your current or prospective content syndicator if they can do all of these things:

  • Make it seamless for your channel partners to load your product content into their websites and ERP systems
  • Maintain your original market-differentiating message
  • Provide product content in multiple languages—using world-class translation tailored to your industry—at scale
  • Give you faster time-to-market for new and updated product information across all your channel’s websites
  • Use advanced, intelligent technology to truly syndicate your product content—at scale

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a solution that helped you solve all of these challenges? Of the few content providers serving the wholesale distribution industry, only one is currently delivering on all of these requirements and utilizing the advanced technologies necessary to offer a true product content syndication solution that is desperately needed in this industry.

A next-generation syndication solution should be efficient—delivering complete, accurate and up-to-date data, already translated into languages needed by distributors, and not just compatible with any ERP and e-commerce platform, but custom-formatted for each distributor’s unique systems.

Sound like a tall order? Not to DDS. Having come from a successful distributorship ourselves, we set out to improve and support how manufacturers organize and deliver product data to their distributors. We’ve built proprietary tools specifically to facilitate next-generation product content syndication.

No other solution in the marketplace meets all the needs of manufacturers today.

If you aren’t working with a content provider who can meet this spec, you need a new provider.

DDS is ready for you—are you ready for DDS?


Looking forward,

Matt Christensen
Vice President