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Welcome to the Future of Automa.Net Product Content

Automa.Net has partnered with DDS, who will work directly with each Automa.Net distributor to manage and deliver comprehensive “e-commerce-ready” product content from multiple manufacturers to populate your e-commerce website.

This new product content delivery solution will increase the speed and efficiency with which you receive manufacturer data and will improve the content experience for your website customers and your sales staff.

Automa.Net would like each distributor to submit this SIGNUP FORM and subscribe to the “Product Content” membership at Automa.Net in order to begin receiving your catalog via a monthly feed from DDS.

This rest of this page contains information ABOUT DDS, some informative Q+A on the new product content delivery solution, what to expect with the IMPLEMENTATION process, and details on DDS’ customer SUPPORT.

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!

– The DDS Team


How It Works

DDS product content is sourced directly from manufacturers in the Automa.Net network and delivered to each distributor in your choice of industry-standard format for efficient integration into your e-commerce system.

In addition to delivering the most robust product content available, DDS assists with the management of that content for optimal usability, plus regular maintenance to ensure your end-user customers are always viewing updated information.

  1. Product Content-as-a-Service model (as opposed to a “tool”)

  2. Complete features and specifications, hi-res images, videos, documents (spec sheets, brochures, installation manuals, CAD drawings, 2D + 3D drawings), 360-degree images, marketing information, application and warranty info and more

  3. Includes regular maintenance so end-user customers are always viewing up-to-date information

  4. You will receive a monthly automated feed containing Automa.Net manufacturer content in your desired export format for faster, easier integration into your webstore

About DDS

With more than 50 combined years of intimate knowledge and experience running a successful distributorship, DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) brings unrivaled industry expertise—together with the most advanced data technologies and top-tier software and data engineers—to offer the most unique and advanced solutions available to the industry.

We work with more than 600 industry-leading manufacturers (representing over 1,600 brands) across Electrical, Lighting, Solar, Plumbing, HVAC, Tool, Safety, Utility, Datacom, Industrial Supply, Industrial Automation, and Industrial Gas + Welding industries to help them deliver next-generation product content to power distributors’ e-commerce websites.

  • Leading e-commerce product content provider to the wholesale distribution industry
  • Electrical distribution industry veterans: 50+ years combined experience
  • Technological approach to delivering/managing content
  • End-to-end management of product content
  • Responsive, knowledgeable, U.S.-based customer support

About Automa.Net

Automa.Net is a fast, simple, community platform for modern automation teams. Search for an industrial product code and get live results about stock levels from hundreds of warehouses across the globe. You can find components from the following categories: Industrial Automation, Industrial Electronics, Mechanical Components, Industrial Controls, and Renewable Energy.

Together with features like BOM search, request board, companies directory with trade information and RFQ/Quote management, the Automa.Net platform is a one-stop shop for your sales and purchase operations of industrial components.

With our platform, we can support the growth of your webshop by supplying product data and PPC campaigns across our pages.

  • 12.5 Million unique offers from 8,200 different industrial brands. Includes New Sealed, Used, Refurbished and Surplus components.
  • 2.5 Million unique products in stock at 350 distributors in Europe and the Americas
  • The leading marketplace for industrial automation distributors, system integrators, machine builders and their customers.
  • Data and a tech-driven team that’s on a mission to bring process improvements to the industry
  • Quick and responsive support team

DDS-Sourced Automa.Net Supplier Product Content













By Brand Product Data

Click Here for a breakdown of granular product data provided by Automa.Net

The cost to Automa.Net distributors is $12,000/year USD to receive manufacturer product content through the Automa.Net syndication offering.

DDS can also provide product content for other manufacturers (i.e. outside the Automa.Net network) at an additional cost (via our CONTENT/io offering—our product Content-as-a-Service solution for distributors). Please contact us at any time if you would like to add other manufacturers’ product content to your feed.

DDS has worked closely with the product content team at Automa.Net to design an efficient process to get each distributor set up to receive Automa.Net manufacturer content. At the top of this page you will find a Product Content Request form where you can enter your contact information and select a preferred file format and receiving method, and we’ll take it from there!

Unlike other providers, our systems were built specifically for e-commerce content. The way we ingest, store and deliver our content is very unique and doesn’t rely on industry-defined standards or committees. As a result, we are able to accept—and then pass along to you—more volume and more types of data from manufacturers than other providers can.

Another major point of differentiation is that DDS provides complete end-to-end management of the content for the distributor. Instead of dumping manufacturer data into a PIM, and requiring each distributor to download the data that they individually need, DDS provides an automated, monthly feed containing all this manufacturer content in a consolidated format for easier e-commerce consumption.

Data has truly become a critical commodity, and we believe the role of a valuable content provider is to help manufacturers syndicate it, and distributors manage it, so their end-user customers can continue to rely on them for complete, organized and up-to-date product information, while they stay focused on their respective core initiatives.

Click here to read more about how we’re Easing the Content Burden for Distributors.

First and foremost, our support is unique in that it is handled by our Data Team, consisting entirely of Data Engineers with software development experience. They are the ones working with the manufacturers’ and distributors’ data every day, and thus are undoubtedly the most knowledgeable support staff in the industry.

We are also proud to be 100% US-based, in Salt Lake City, Utah (a.k.a. Silicon Slopes). Our customers love the responsiveness, professionalism and knowledge of our Data Team.

We utilize a robust Service Management platform to manage our support system, which gives customers access to a well-developed and user-friendly ticketing portal to submit and track tickets to completion, creating a transparent, integrated system to ensure timely and efficient resolution.

Above all, we take great pride in and are committed to listening to our customers, responding to their needs, and helping them solve problems.

Implementation Process

DDS’ in-house team is here to help ensure a successful project through implementation and beyond. Following is an outline of the onboarding process, which we have broken down into four distinct stages, with timeframes typical for each stage.


During SETUP, we work closely with your team to identify requirements that will assist us in setting up your environment and configuring your exports according to your specifications.

Timeline: 1-2 Weeks


During VALIDATION, we review the initial setup of your sample export, which includes verifying that file formats are correct for your environment and that all required fields are present in your export.

Timeline: 1 Week or less


Once we are ready for DELIVERY, we will provide a sample export. After thorough quality control reviews, you will be up and running with weekly exports scheduled according to the delivery time and location you specified.

Timeline: 2 Weeks


REPORTING is an ongoing part of the SYNDICATION/io service and includes periodic reports outlining updates to Automa.Net manufacturer content.

Timeline: Ongoing


DDS’ technical support team is comprised of members of our Data Team who have in-depth knowledge of our data and processes. We are also proud to be 100% US-based, in Salt Lake City, Utah (a.k.a. Silicon Slopes). Our customers love the responsiveness, professionalism and knowledge of our Data Team.

We utilize a robust Service Management platform to manage our support system, which gives customers access to a well-developed and user-friendly ticketing portal to submit and track tickets to completion, creating a transparent, integrated system to ensure timely and efficient resolution.