About This Project

Granite City is on a mission to make their entire customer buying experience EASY. From their unique and thoughtful value-added customer-centric services, to their evolving online presence, it is clear they are truly committed to helping their customers. We help them with their complete e-commerce data process, so they can focus on their core business.



  • Enhanced Product Content
  • Product Maintenance
  • Custom Export
  • Normalized Facets
  • Product File Matching
  • Document + Image Hosting



Headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, Granite City Electric Supply is the area’s premiere electrical distributor serving electrical contractors as well as residential, commercial and industrial customers for over 90 years. With 27 branches covering Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut, they are the largest regional independent electrical supply company and the official distributor of electrical supplies to the Boston Red Sox.



“As an electrical distributor faced with rapid change in LED, e-commerce, and other facets of our business, we understand the importance of focusing on core competencies. So, when it came to our e-commerce data, we were more than willing to reach outside to find a qualified company to handle it for us. The need for a full-time person was questionable, even if it was there finding someone with the technical skill, and the product knowledge would have been difficult at best. DDS was a perfect fit. They eliminated much of our e-commerce data headaches, they own the entire process. Extraction out of our ERP system, direct communications with our vendors, as well as working with our PIM provider ensuring the quality content looks attractive and is easy to navigate and find.  They have taken the burden off our team, so we can stay focused on our core competency, serving our customers.  The results we have been able to achieve using DDS have been remarkable, I would recommend them to anyone!”

– Greg Smith, Former Executive Vice President – Granite City Supply Company

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