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Struggling to get your content to distributors efficiently?

One of the greatest challenges facing manufacturers today is getting product data to all your distribution partners consistently and efficiently. Companies often end up wasting invaluable time and resources on inefficient processes (and multiple partners) for maintaining and transmitting product content, from ERP (master) product data to rich content and digital assets for e-commerce.

DDS has the ultimate solution. SYNDICATION/io, our industry-exclusive Syndication-as-a-Service solution, virtually eliminates all manual processes, drastically improving time to market for new and updated product information and reducing resources required to manage data.

This not only saves money, but will free up your team for other mission-critical work.

Significant Figures


Average increase in online revenue when webstores are powered with rich (compared to basic) content


Manufacturers spend 30% or more of their time preparing and sending product data using manual (compared to automated) processes


Manufacturers report that it can take up to four weeks to get a new product listed on even the most advanced distributors’ websites


DDS is helping reduce the amount of time manufacturers spend managing data by as much as 60%

Automate your Content to IWDC Members

DDS makes it easy for manufacturers to send their product content to IWDC Members via our advanced syndication technologies and processes, which ensure accurate, efficient delivery into their unique e-commerce and business systems.

In addition to delivering the most robust e-commerce-ready product content available, DDS assists distributors with the management of that content for optimal usability, plus regular maintenance to ensure end-user customers can always rely on them for complete and updated product information.

  • Regular, automated flow of your complete, high-quality product content—fully tailored to each distributor’s unique spec
  • Faster time to market for new and updated product content on partner websites ensures end customers are always seeing your most complete and current product information, giving you true competitive advantage
  • Less time and resources spent managing your product data delivery lets you focus on other initiatives

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