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About Our Partnership

As the premier U.S. trade association advocating for distributors, manufacturers, and independent manufacturers’ representative agencies in the PHCP (plumbing, heating, cooling, and pipe) and industrial and mechanical PVF (pipe, valves, and fittings) sector, the ASA is deeply committed to the success of its members. With a wealth of industry knowledge, ASA helps its members thrive in a dynamic and constantly evolving marketplace by providing access to resources and solution partners that facilitate these companies’ growth.

As a service provider member within the ASA network, DDS works closely with both distributors and manufacturers to assist in streamlining the exchange of Next-Gen™ product content for e-commerce and other digital initiatives. This collaboration helps bridge the communication gap between distributors and manufacturers within the ASA, creating a fluid product content delivery system and enhancing the digital experience on distributor member websites, ensuring they have the tools necessary to succeed online.

DDS is excited to further its partnership with ASA, helping to facilitate competitiveness of individual ASA members’ online offerings while assisting with the organization’s continuing contribution to the success and growth of the industry at large.

Capabilities at a Glance

Industries Served

Industrial and Mechanical Pipe
Valves and Fittings for PHCP-PVF Industry


+ Independent manufacturers’ representatives of PHCP-PVF products
+ Service providers related to PHCP-PVF supply chain

Additional Services/Solutions

+ Employee training + education
+ Critical benchmarking/financial reports
+ Committed advocacy efforts on the legislative/regulatory and codes and standards front
+ Industry networking

Market Differentiators

+ ASA Helps its member companies recruit and retain industry talent
+ Free trainings for member employees

About ASA

ASA is the industry’s national trade association representing distributors, manufacturers and independent manufacturers’ representative agencies serving the plumbing, heating, cooling, pipe (PHCP) and industrial and mechanical pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) channel. ASA is an indispensable resource, committed to giving its members the ability to adapt, grow and succeed. ASA serves as the industry’s advocate in the legislative and regulatory arena, provides economic analysis, forecasting and data, innovation trends, employee recruitment and development, and peer-to-peer networking. ASA is on the pulse of what trends are affecting members’ businesses, giving ASA the ability to provide members with tools to help them succeed and win the future. ASA distributor members alone account for nearly $60 billion in annual sales, operating more than 4,400 branch locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

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