Content Status

About This Project

DDS and Content Status™ have combined their respective expertise in product content syndication and auditing solutions to provide a unique and much-needed “Content Validation” service to support manufacturers’ e-commerce initiatives in the wholesale distribution industry.


Content Status™ is the Product Content industry’s only SaaS-based, fully automated digital shelf auditing and monitoring tool. Without any programming or IT involvement, their revolutionary tool helps leading brands and their distribution partners assess the presence and quality of manufacturer product content on individual partners’ e-commerce websites.


As the leading provider of e-commerce-ready product content to the wholesale industry, DDS works with more than 500 industry-leading manufacturers (representing 1,200+ brands) across more than a dozen verticals, helping them syndicate their complete product content consistently across their entire channel.


Together, DDS and Content Status™ help these manufacturers and their channel partners answer four critical questions: (1) Are my product pages live, and is my content (2) complete, (3) accurate, and (4) site-search-optimized—in order to maximize conversions, minimize expensive returns, improve resource efficiency, and avoid damage to the brand due to a bad product experience?





Content Status was founded in 2019 by George Koenig, who has over two decades of leadership in product data, and Carlin D.T. Jackson. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, it is the first and only self-service, fully automated product content auditing tool for retailers, brands, and their partners. Built for the business teams, the tool requires no coding, IT or onboarding processes and was built to meet the content auditing needs of multiple verticals. For more information, visit

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