Executive Summary

Executive Summary

DDS Executive Summary for Rockwell PNC 2018Click here to download the Executive Summary in PDF format.


E-commerce is redefining the way people research and purchase goods. Customers are demanding better content and are selecting which sites to buy from based on ease of search and quality of product content. Delivering on this expectation takes distributors significant time, talent and technology.

Among our experiences operating a leading independent electrical distributorship, we learned first-hand the challenges and pitfalls of entering the online marketplace and building an e-commerce website. After running into the major challenge of gathering product data from many disparate manufacturers to populate the site while making it useful to our customers, it became painfully apparent there was a distinct lack of technology in the distribution industry for this purpose. This experience in particular led us to re-think the approach to obtaining and working with product data, and most importantly, how to make it most useful to the end user experience.

Rockwell Automation and Distributor Data Solutions (DDS) have partnered to provide a solution for distributors across EMEA for consistent, accurate product content from Rockwell and Encompass Partners, complete with ETIM classification, that distributors can use on their websites. This solution will provide all relevant e-commerce content, including marketing content, supporting documents and specifications, and pricing, all translated into local languages.


DDS is a premier product content provider, developed by veterans of the distribution industry, helping distributors compete in the e-commerce world. We have created a unique approach to deliver enhanced e-commerce product content, as well as technology-driven data management solutions, through an automated and seamless delivery system that works across all e-commerce platforms.

DDS was established in 2014 by Dale P. Holt, founder and former president of Codale Electric Supply, Inc., an Authorized Rockwell Automation Distributor since 1983. Dale currently serves as President of DDS, while Matt Christensen, former CIO of Codale Electric Supply, is DDS’ Vice President. Our company is comprised primarily of senior-level software engineers and high-level data analysts who design and deliver solutions for world-class content and customer experiences.

The solution outlined here is tailored specifically for Rockwell Automation, Encompass Partner manufacturers and their distributors.


ENHANCED PRODUCT CONTENT – Comprehensive, e-commerce-ready product content, direct from Rockwell and Encompass Partner manufacturers, and designed to work with any distributor’s website.

ERP PRODUCT CONTENT – Standard ERP product content, including pricing, direct from Rockwell and Encompass Partner manufacturers.

PRODUCT MAINTENANCE – Regular content updates and enhancements, managed by DDS and delivered as part of monthly scheduled exports, or real-time via the API.

ETIM CLASSIFICATION – We deliver e-commerce-ready content to distributors, already ETIM classified into groups, classes and features.

CUSTOM EXPORTS – No matter the platform, we deliver custom, scheduled exports that allow for seamless integration into any PIM, ERP, App or product content management system.

API INTEGRATION – Our powerful RESTful API gives distributors direct access to our ever-growing list of data solutions, giving them greater scalability and flexibility to power their e-commerce applications.

REPORTING – Monthly “DDS Data Insights” email outlines specific updates to Rockwell and Encompass Partners product content as well as updates on specific projects.

TRANSLATED CONTENT – An industry exclusive: Complete Rockwell and Encompass Partners product content delivered world-wide in any language, allowing you to service your international customer base.

DOCUMENT + IMAGE HOSTING – Image, document and video hosting using the Amazon AWS content delivery network, with the fastest load times and unmatched reliability. Our proprietary image processor also converts original images to e-commerce-friendly thumbnail, small, medium, large and native sizes.


  • Our proprietary software and processes aggregate, organize, enrich, normalize and deliver the best product data available from Rockwell and Encompass Partners, including features, specifications, multiple hi-res images, videos, documents (spec sheets, brochures, installation manuals, CAD drawings, 2D & 3D drawings), marketing descriptions and more.
  • We employ the most intelligent technologies to gather product content and apply high-technology concepts, borrowed from sciences like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to bring solutions that are unique to the industry.
  • Our combined experience and intimate knowledge of the distribution industry allow us to focus on distribution- and customer-centric solutions.
  • Our content is delivered through scheduled monthly exports accessible by distributors via FTP or API.