Jenny Christensen

Creative Marketing Manager

Jenny Christensen has been gracing DDS with her marketing and creative skills for several years now. Having previously served as marketing director at Codale Electric Supply alongside Dale and Matt (not to mention being married to the latter), Jenny has been a champion of DDS since its inception and she was eager to collaborate with them on another venture.

Jenny holds bachelor degrees in English and mass communication from the University of Utah. She has enjoyed a number of roles related to marketing, public relations and web and graphic design throughout her career. She lives to be creative, both through her work and in her spare time.

She wasn’t born—but was definitely bred—in Utah, and she enjoys making her home in the woodsy foothills of the Salt Lake Valley, where she likes skiing and snowboarding, playing golf and—recently, and despite a sobering lack of mastery—bowling. She jumps at every opportunity to travel, whether to foreign countries, or one of her favorite camping spots in the gorgeous landscape of the Wasatch and surrounding mountains.